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How to effectively maintain thermal fluid in 2018

There are several types of fluid degradation, which can result in significant changes in operational performance and compromise the safety of thermal fluid systems. This degradation can be caused by a variety of factors, such as excessive temperatures, exposure to oxidising agents and general wear and tear.

However, it can sometimes be difficult to identify when there are problems in your thermal fluid system before it’s too late. For a more in depth look at the symptoms associated with problems in your thermal fluid system, take a look at our previous blog

At Thermal Fluid Solutions, we understand that maintaining your thermal fluid is paramount to ensuring a safe and efficient working environment. Preventative steps can be taken to minimise the risk of future problems.

Consistent flow rates

Maintaining consistent flow rates through the system is essential to reduce the length of time that the fluid is in contact with any areas of elevated temperature. This reduces the risk of a breakdown in the structure of the fluid which otherwise can cause a more volatile and flammable fluid.   

But how do you ensure flow rates are consistent?

  • Control primary heat source - avoids overheating of fluids
  • Regular inspection - helps to identify any refractory failures
  • Regular cleaning - avoids unwanted build up

Regular testing

Regular sampling and analysis of thermal fluids is essential in helping to identify the current condition of the fluid and can indicate whether fluids need cleaning or replacing. Regular tests can also highlight any failures in the thermal fluid system that could present a risk in the future.

There are a number of tests that can identify the level of fluid degradation.

  • Closed cup flash test
  • Open cup flash test
  • Fire point
  • Total acid number
  • Insoluble carbon content

The results can be analysed by our expert engineers to help your maintenance department highlight potential issues in your system fluid. To find out more about the different thermal fluid tests our team can help you with take a look at our Thermal Fluid Tests Explained blog.

Here at Thermal Fluid Solutions we work closely with all our customers, not only to ensure regulation compliance, but also to highlight potential risks within systems before any significant damage occurs. We believe that forward planning and regular checks help to prevent serious issues developing.

If you would like to find out more about how Thermal Fluid Solutions can help you maintain your thermal fluid, get in touch on 01298 815862 or visit our contact page