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Benefits of new 'dual level safety' rig

Thermal Fluid Solutions was the first company of its kind to offer a thermal fluid recovery system - HTfluidfit. Now, the pioneers of thermal fluid safety have designed the first dual safety rig, which works with both closed and open cup flash points.  

Developed with 21 years’ experience, the unique and innovative design of the MHTM 2500 offers an unrivalled degree of safety.

The MHTM 2500 offers a range of benefits including:

  • Dual level safety - Unlike other rigs, which are limited to recovering only closed cup flash points, the new flash point recovery rig can recover both closed and open cup flash points. This means fluid can be restored to a temperature that eliminates the risk of fire or explosion should it escape from the system.

  • Portable - Freestanding and portable, the rig can be easily moved using a fork-lift truck for use on multiple systems across large sites, which avoids installation costs.

  • Unassisted recovery - The MHTM2500 is fully automated meaning that it can be operated unattended 24/7.

  • Speedy recovery - Recovery of thermal fluids is quick and can be undertaken whilst the system remains in full operation, avoiding potential system downtime.

  • Cost-effective - The portable rig helps to manage risk by maintaining thermal fluid systems. The rig is completely portable and doesn’t impact the system’s normal working conditions, saving you money.

  • Environmental impact - The MHTM 2500 maintains thermal fluid at a safe level, reducing waste and extending fluid life.

The MHTM 2500 is available with a variety of equipment enhancement options to provide effective and efficient operation of thermal fluids across multiple systems. Thermal Fluid Solutions are also offer comprehensive fluid testing and analysis programmes to help effective maintain optimum fluid performance and high levels of safety.

For more details on how the MHTM 2500 can benefit your operation call our friendly team on 01298 815862 or visit our contacts page