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Sub-zero fluids

A wide range of sub zero fluids are available through TFS, to call for a product match or selection advice telephone the experts on 01298 815862.

There is a wide choice of fluids available from TFS to achieve your sub zero heat transfer needs whatever they are, these include:

Highly stable long life odour free silicone fluids capable of performing from minus 100 degrees centigrade to plus 400 degrees centigrade, widely used in Complex Chemical Processing and Phamaceutical Production this family of fluids have life spans well in excess of 10 years.

TFS also carry a range of more cost effective synthetic fluids for operating temperatures from minus 115 degrees centigrade to 175 degrees centigrade, these fluids are ideal for circumstances where heating and cooling cycles are required of the same fluid. This product ability greatly reduces the cost and complexity of equipment allowing single header systems with dual heating and cooling zones. 

To complete the range, fluids which require an ability to operate at high temperatures but with low temperature pumpability are also available. Used in oil fields and many hostile outdoor applications where the equipment may be subject to low temperature start ups, these fluids can be pumped on start up as low as 40 degrees centigrade but can still achieve efficient heat transfer at temperatures to 320 degrees centigrade.  

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